We work to achieve our HSE goal through our “Zero harm Zero incident” policy. Our management process from supply chain to delivery of final products and services is ISO 45001:2018(HSE) certified, and regularly assessed and audited

Community and Environment 

Anywhere SMS operates, we are very committed to protecting environment and take steps to ensure to minimize the environmental impact of our operations, to implement reuse and recycling, to review regularly our environmental footprint.


At SMS, we care and ensure to have a diverse and inclusive workforce. To do so, we create designated workplace training programs to strengthen our current and prospective employees’ skills.  

Safe operation

“We are diligently enforcing regulations such as the ‘Safety Regulations for Explosive Work,’ ‘Unified Regulations for Blasting Work,’ and ‘Safety Regulations for Mining Operations,’ among others, to ensure compliance with safety standards. In addition to these established regulations, we are actively working on implementing our own daily work practices to prevent unforeseen incidents and maintain a safe working environment. As of today, we have been successful in our daily operations, with no accidents or incidents that have caused harm, damage, or disruptions. We are committed to upholding these safety measures and adhering to our ‘Safety at Work’ policies. Our commitment to safety extends beyond regulatory compliance; it is embedded in our daily work practices and is a fundamental part of our operations.”


  • Occupational Safety and Health Internal Regulations
  • Environmental Protection Plan


  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Feasibility study
  • Environmental Conservation Law
  • Disaster Mitigation Plan