Our specialized fields are:

Down-the-hole solutions (Point Load Tie and Shoot)

Drill & Blast design

Blast hole drilling

Consulting & Technical services

Explosives Manufacturing

Our projects

Our mission is to deliver sustainable and innovative solutions to even most challenging projects and value to our customers.

Blasting Work

Open pit mining and quarrying
Underground mining
Rock slope stabilization
Explosive compaction of soils
Geophysical Exploration, Logging and Seismic blasts
Perforating blasts for natural oil and gas

“In pursuit of our goal, we strive to lead the way with knowledge, innovation, and a collaborative approach, working alongside many creative ways using various methods and techniques. We are committed to meeting the needs and expectations of our clients.


“Our company operates a cutting-edge emulsion explosive manufacturing facility, bringing technology and services to Mongolia through a strategic partnership with a global leaders in blasting technology. Our production facility for emulsion explosive products is located in the Tavan Tolgoi region, specifically within a 7 km distance to the east of Tsogtsetsii Sum in the Omnogovi Province. This facility was established in 2013, and since then, it has been successfully contributing to the mining industry.

The production capacity of this facility is 115,000 tons of Emulsion Explosive products per annum. The plant is equipped with the latest automated production technology, ensuring high efficiency and quality. Additionally, it utilizes membrane and carbon filtration systems for water treatment, ensuring the highest quality for emulsion explosive production.

Technical Services


Risk assessment                    Safety Management                Legal Compliance


Blast designs and support
Drill and blast audits
High speed video analysis
Fragmentation assessment
Shovel productivity analysis Velocity of Detonation Measuring


From the simplest to the most demanding applications, our instruments offer innovative features and a variety of recording formats that increase their functionality and allow for flexibility across a wide variety of applications. Trusted in over 110 countries, our seismographs monitor ground vibration and air overpressure changes created by blasting, demolition, mining, quarrying, and construction activities. Our monitors are the instruments of choice for
  • Blast monitoring for compliance
  • Near-field blast monitoring
  • Far-field blast monitoring
  • Demolition activity monitoring
  • Construction activity monitoring
  • Heavy transportation monitoring
  • Pile driving monitoring
  • Dynamic compaction monitoring
  • Tunneling and subway monitoring
  • Structural monitoring and analysis
  • Remote access monitoring
  • Environmental monitoring

Quality Management

To ensure product quality and performance the bulk emulsion plant has its own modern laboratory enables us to evaluate our products to reassure our quality:

Explosives Emulsion Test:

– Stability (repump, thermal shock, storage)

– Crystallization (polarized microscopy)

– Droplet dispersion (microscopy)

– VOD (explosives and boosters)

– Water resistance

– Viscosity, density, gasification rate, detonation transition, brisance etc. 

Raw material and intermediate product:

– Kinematic viscosity

– Flash point

– Infrared Spectroscopy (Anti-caking agent)

– Water content

– Sediment content (impurity)

– Porosity (PPAN)

– Water conductivity

– PH, crystallization temperature, density etc.